Staff & Board

C4K is staffed by dedicated professionals, generous community volunteers, and supported by a board of directors deeply rooted in the local community. Together, the committed C4K team provides local youth a rich community learning environment.

The C4K Staff

Matt Burke
Clubhouse Coordinator
434-817-1121 x6

Chris Florez
Program Director
434-817-1121 x1

Michelle Hilgart
Special Projects Director

Liz Hoeppner
Grants & Communications Manager
434-817-1121 x4

Tricia Howell
Mentor Coordinator
434-817-1121 x2

Brandon Jackson
434-817-1121 x8

Blair McAvoy
Part Time Project Manager
434-817-1121 x9

Kala Somerville
Executive Director
434-817-1121 x3

The Computers4Kids Board of Directors

  • Karl Quist (President)
  • Lisa Hogan (Vice President)
    Learning Community Partners, LLC
  • Bob Lloyd (Secretary)
  • Tom Bergert
    Williams Mullen
  • Bob Kemp (C4K Treasurer)
    Kemp & Associates, L.L.C.
  • Bill Carden Jr.
    Carden Jennings Publishing
  • Nancy Deutsch
    University of Virginia
  • Mark Giles
  • Jean Hassler
  • Doug Minerd
    Minerd Music Works
  • Malarie Mirsky
    Eagle Hill Consulting
  • Meredith Richards (Director Emeritus)