August 12, 2017: Hurt & Hope: Next Steps





Dear Friends,

The tragic events of this weekend (August 12, 2017) have outraged and saddened us, both as Americans and as local citizens who cherish Charlottesville as a diverse, inclusive and safe community. We join the community in grieving for the victims of this event and in condemning those who brought hatred to our City.

The C4K family was not spared from the violence. Members of a C4K family were among those struck by the vehicle that took the life of Heather Heyer and injured 19 others.

Many of our members and staff live in downtown neighborhoods and witnessed the events up close.  Our members are a diverse group.  They include refugees who fled violence in their homeland.  They include minority students whose very identities were targeted by the slurs of the white supremacists. They saw in-person the heavily armed “civilian militia” who came to our town to deliver their message.

On Monday morning, the C4K team opened the C4K doors to our young members, ready to provide a safe and supportive environment for open discussion.  As often happens at C4K, members and staff engaged in a deep and emotional conversation about the events. Our members are extremely creative and talented youth who want to have their voices heard.  Several members have expressed interest in participating in social justice projects, which we believe will provide them a safe, creative, collaborative way both to process and express their emotions, and to think about the road ahead.  We look forward to updating you on their progress, and I am confident there will be something for all of us to learn from these youth.

This is a difficult and confusing time, but we’ve seen the strength of our members and the way in which they have lifted one another, and us, up.  Our staff and volunteers are more committed than ever to helping these amazing young people achieve their fullest potential.

Thanks for being part of the C4K community.

Karl Quist
President, C4K Board

Kala Somerville
Executive Director, Computers4Kids & The Clubhouse @ C4K