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Learning Lab Expectations


  • People
    • Yourself
    • Other students
    • Mentors
    • Staff
    • Visitors
  • Property
    • No food, drinks or gum in the lab
    • Clean up after yourself and others
  • Procedures
    • Sign in and out
    • Get permission to download or print
    • No visitors to the lab, especially during mentoring sessions
    • No cell phone use in the lab, including texting
    • Ask before using the lab phone


  • Learn or Practice something every day
  • Share your knowledge


  • Be your best self
  • Accept responsibility for your actions and achievements
  • Believe in yourself, your ability and your potential


  • No downloading from peer to peer networks
  • No hanging out on IX building property
  • Cite sources


  • No violent or inappropriate games or materials
  • No or other similar sites
  • No swearing or distasteful language
  • Keep your hands to yourself- no pushing or shoving-- even when it's "playing" around
  • No threats
  • Violence or bullying will be grounds for immediate dismissal
Learning Partner Timeline
  Hours 1-5   Hours 8-10   Hours 14-18

Get to know your partner-develop ideas, explore applications, submit your Planning Form

Submission of Planning Form

Wrap up of Project One- submit Evaluation Form, Student becomes eligible for receiving computer dependent upon, consistent attendance and contribution to the C4K community atmosphere.

  Hours 16-20   Hours 30-33   Hours 33-36
Plan Project Two- submit Planning Form Finish Project Two- submit Evaluation Form
Wrap up your mentoring partnership

Graduation requirements:

Student Application
Upcoming Events

Daily Checklist
Training Materials
Computer Maintenance
Music Resources
Image Resources
Eligibility Guidelines
  • Live in Albemarle or Charlottesville
  • Eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch
  • Enrolled in 7th - 12th grades
  • Enthusiastic about learning about computers
  • Able to meet with mentor for 36 hours
  • Have reliable transportation to and from C4K
  • Fill out an application
  • Attend all assigned days of training
  • Follow all C4K expectations
Free Computer
Students are eligible to receive a free computer once they have completed the following requirements
  • Completed their first technology project and have it evaluated by C4K staff.
  • Remained in good standing with the C4K program
*C4K will repair the computer for the life of the machine